Matthew Backus

"Real Estate Made Easy"

If you are looking for a RealtorŪ who is exceptionally patient, will exceed all your expectations, and hurdle through any problems by finding the solution for you, Matthew Backus is ready to work with you!

Matthew got his real estate license in 2002 while in Virginia, but he was still working in construction at the time. After getting his Arizona license, he has now been working full time in real estate since the beginning of the year. Matthew has had great success switching over, which he attributes to being in and around the industry for so long. He has been with his current company, HomeSmart, since March.

Matthew has lived in the area for over a year. He currently lives in the house his wife grew up in. Their home has been in the family for over 50 years.

HomeSmart is dedicated to educating agents and promoting a strong network. So whatever you need, Matthew will guide you into the right direction! It is his obligation to make sure that you get exactly what you want. He can assist through co-listing, referrals, teams and their managing brokers. Matthew has bought foreclosures and investment properties and knows all about the hidden costs you might experience.

One of Matthew's biggest accomplishment and reward include his family. Matthew and his wife just celebrated their anniversary of 25 years. Although there have been a few struggles, they have overcome anything that came their way. They have 4 children and 1 grandchild. It is Matthew's devotion to his family's happiness and provision of their needs that gives him the most rewards.

Prior to real estate, Matthew worked in construction. He was a sponge for learning every trade he could. That knowledge moved him up the ladder quickly both in residential and commercial. He then went on his own in his early 30s and was licensed in both construction and real estate. He started fading out the contracting end and just flipped homes for the last seven years. This has given him an insight into the market that has already proven to be valuable. His background in construction gives his clients a level of confidence they can't get from others. As a contractor, he was very good at discerning his clients' needs and finding solutions that worked for all parties. In other words, he is a skilled negotiator.

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Matthew Backus, Local Real Estate Expert in Phoenix-Camelback Corridor Arizona
Matthew Backus

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